After an unexpected gift of a plane ticket to Britain, an unexpected visit to my aunt, and the laziness of Sachiel, the Thougts-Blogs-Stories wikia is back to work. Have you ever been to Britain? It's great. Lots of hazel colored trees full of branches bursting with fruit, lakes and/or ponds around, cool country houses, and a magnificent wireless internet connection. You should visit there sometime. Like, when you're bored and rich and you need a break to a place with breathtaking views and pitter-pattering rain. I spent my whole week there, playing in the rain, Minecraft building with my cousins Sasha and Mark, playing Pottermore, and just sipping a cup of cocoa on a cozy window alcove when the rain is bucketing down. The cocoa experience is better enjoyed with small marshmallows and a nice classic book like Stuart Little. I came back just in time for a new school year. Surprise! I'm in the fifth grade now. Now I just need to level up to sixth grade, and our batch will be the eldest in the school!