My mom says that my editing team and I have to clean up the mess we made with the chips downstairs after we write, so Sachiel is encouraging us to write abundantly. I agree with him. The spilled chips downstairs has a bit of Sam's disgusting saliva, and the last thing I want to do is clean up chips with my cousin's saliva. Anyway, our main purpose of writing this is to tell you that we are going to make a bit of changes in our site. As you know, the wikia s being closed from October to December. Originally, that closing was made because the computer was crashed, and Sachiel and Angela's dance classes interfered with our editing schedules. Fortunately, the tides turned. Angela and Sachiel's classes were cancelled for those 3 months because their dance teacher is going on a 3-month trip to her family in Scotland. I'm actually jealous that Ms. Jen is going to Scotland. She can go visit the Loch Ness Monster! That is so cool. But anyway, as I was saying the tides miraculously turned. The classes have been cancelled, and my computer is back in work. The repairman said the only trouble was overheat, so we have decided to cut our editing time to 1:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m. That's better. So we have also decided to use our close-down time for editing this website. Check our site every week on those three months and find more graphics, pages, photos, and blogs! We aren't very sure anyone will read this at all, but we are hoping. Wouldn't want your website to lie in the Internet unseen, unvisited, and unknown, would you?