See here, I made a small list of magazines that I read and magazines that my friends read. Now you can add a new thing to your Reference Materials in Reading class: the!

1. K-Zone

K-Zone is this kid's magazine that Sachiel and I collect. They have a new edition every month, like Total Girl. I like reading this because I get valuable information, because scattered editions add this cool messy-room setting to my bedroom, and because sometimes they include these cool cutout robots. See my blog for the info on my robot hobbies.

2.Total Girl

Total Girl is this magazine for girls that my classmates collect. Total Girl has slmabooks, and posters and stuff. Mostly I don't get why girls love flipping through pages filled with what seems like old hair braids and nail polish on them. Nevermind. Saying Total Girl is awful would violate one of my sute rules, so I'm keeping my mouth shut.


The Candy magazine is another crazy part of my classmates' magazine collection, although I'm pretty sure that the Candy magazine is for teenagers. For me, Candy is basically Total Girl teens version.