As you know, I love playing Minecraft. Just for something interesting in here, I'm writing the profiles of Minecraft monsters, or "baddies" as they are called.

Enderman- I think he is only found on the computer, but maybe on the IPad too. His name is derived from the creepy guy Slender Man. He creeps around and all. I think he makes you lose all 10 hearts. You can get Ender pearl if you defeat him. His pet is the Ender dragon.

Zombies- Zombies are the most basic kind of baddie in Minecraft. They appear in both Lite and Pocket Edition versions of the game. Makes you lose a half heart. You get nothing from defeating them. 

Creepers- Creepers are the only baddies in Minecraft other than the spider that does not die in sunlight. They explode when you come near them. Makes you lose 4 hearts or so. You can get gunpowder from defeating them.

Spiders- The only other baddie other than the creeper that can surivive in daylight. They can also climb up your house. Makes you lose 2 hearts or so. You can get string from defeating them.

Skeleton Archers- Skeleton archers can shoot you from a long distance. If they spot you, you're most likely dead because they can make you lose all 10 hearts. 10 or 5 hearts. You can get bones and arrows by defeating them.

Witches- Witches appear only on the computer. They throw potions at you. I do not encounter them much, but once I did and she threw a potion at me, which made me lose 4 hearts, I think. I think you can get potions if you defeat them.

Ghast- I think they appear only on the computer. If you can breed a ghost and an octupus, this is it. Can shoot fireballs at you. Let's see.... they appear only in the Nether world. 

Zombie Pig-Man- This guy is half zombie half pig. Won't attack you unless it's provoked. If defeated, it drops "cooked porkchops". Found only in Nether world.

Slime- This appears only in the deep caves of Minecraft. 

Spider Jockeys- A mix of a skeleton and a spider. The skeleton appears to be riding on the back of the spider while shooting arrows at you.