I've been browsing through some Minecraft seeds lately, and I picked out what I really liked. Be careful, though! Seeds are case sensitive and may result in spawning in a different world if typed incorrectly!

1. '148837724'

This seed generates/spawns you in this awesome dark cave land with lava and waterfalls. Has lots of animals too.

2.  1004909958461323876- only on the computer

Spawns you in this really awesome world that has a collection of ravines at (x=-30, z=-400) including two dungeons right opposite each other.

3. 9 - 0.4.0 

An ACE for survival. Dig down from the spawn and you find lots of iron. Dig deeper. Gold. Even deeper. Diamonds. 

4. sandy

A mix of everything. Visible gold, diamond, iron, and coal blocks on the mountains. 

5. Nyan

Probably one of the best seeds ever. Spawns you in a world with lots of volcanoes and waterfalls, animals, dungeons, and trees! Plus if you dig a little you can find iron and diamond.

6. Jaffa Cake

This seed spawns you beside a jungle temple, which has a door at the back. Enter the room and you'll see plenty of floating wood and stone and diamond. If you walk around a bit you'll come to this grove full of sheep, pigs, cows, and chickens. It's as if someone knew you were coming and has built you an awesome house and has farmed for you! 

7. nether

Has a volcano near spawning point. Nice building area.

8. 1 . 10

Dig directly below the spawning point and you find: 11 or 12 iron, 2, gold, 5 diamond, and 14 or 15 coal. 

9. 0.4.0

A nice island with 16 diamonds beside the spawn and respawn point.

10. vancouver

Spawn in a desert temple.

11. 644309466

A nice little village with lots of houses with lots of loot inside. I personally like to go to the smallest house on the right since it has lots of iron. 

12. zombie attack

Has easy to find diamonds everywhere, 3 volcanoes, 4 waterfalls, and a really big house north of your spawning point. 

I hope this page helps you! I tried out all of the seeds myself and they all worked perfectly.