Hi! This is like my second blog, except it won't say things like what I love doing or whatever. This page tells you how it is to start a blog. All the stress, sleepless nights, fun, and annoyance you will feel in the progress of making a site. 

1.The stress

When you think about making a site, it sounds fun and easy. But let me tell you firsthand: it isn't. In the progress of making a site, then managing it, is stressing and can make you have a nervous breakdown. And that isn't fun. I have researched and have made a sickness called makmanasitisitis. That is the sickness of making and managing a site. It is caused by thinking making a site is easy, making a site, and stressing out over sudden second thoughts. The cure for it? An icy Borovan milkshake with whipped cream on top.

2. Sleepless nights

When you have finished making a site, and you are starting to manage it, you will have a bad case of sleepitis lessisis nightisis, the scientific name for the sleepless nights case. Those are the nights when you're working really hard on your site, and suddenly your mom pokes her head in your room and tells you to go to sleep. You reluctantly follow because she threatens to turn off your WiFi. She switches your lights off, and she goes downstairs to watch a soap opera. You toss and turn all night, thinking about your site, and finally you accept that it will be a sleepless night, and you wait for your mom to finish her show, pretend you're asleep when she checks on you, and creep downstairs and have a cup of Milo when she's in bed. 

3. Fun

This is the best part of having a site. You get advanages. You see, makamanatisis and sleepitis lessisis nightisis come at the start of a site. But in the middle of those, you have fun. At first, you call your friends for a sleepover because you are so desperately hoping to get back that fun feeling you felt when you thought of starting a site. But then you start to really have fun. Your friends come over to your house in the afternoon, and you edit, manage, and put graphics on your site. They have dinner at your house, and now it's too late for them to walk home, so your mom calls their moms and you have a sleepover. You stay up late in the night, eating homemade popcorn and drinking Milo while watching Mamma Mia or something. The first thing you will want to do on a sleepover is to clear your mind of stressing things like your website, and fill it with fun things instead, like spending your whole summer playing Minecraft and Assasin's Creed. Seriously. Trust me.