Hello! I'm 7, three years younger than my boss and....coworkers. But hey! Nobody should underestimate a seven year old, even though one that appears to be particularly wimpy. I'm Rank 1, Most Promising Student (I hadn't know there was such a thing before!) in Karate, Secretary of the Student Council, and apparently Ms. Hollister's favorite in History class. That's not my fault. I just happen to love studying about Ben Franklin and Abe Lincoln. One day I'm gonna prove that Abe really was a vampire hunter. Just don't tell Ms. Hollister that. She'll freak out. How do I know? Number One, I her 'Teacher's Pet', and Number Two, my classmate Jake told Ms. Hollister he would prove that George Washington was a werewolf hunter, and, truth to be told, she freaked out and yelled something about blasphemy and damnation and wolves. Jake got hit with a week's detention. See? The moral lesson of this page: Don't mention anything about Abe Lincoln or any president being a horror monster hunter in front of Ms. Hollister.

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