Have you ever heard of a junk shop called Tog's Cogs? Its name came from the shop in Moltara on Neopets. But anyways, its been around since I was six. he reason I'm telling you all this is because I buy all of my wheels and screw and bolts for robots there. And that's not even all. Even though its name is Tog's Cogs, (cog is this wheel for machines) the store sells all kinds of awesome stuff for dirt cheap prices. For example, a deck of cards for a penny. A sack of fake dung for a dime. It's excellent. Really, it is. I'm also saying this because business is not the best for Tog and Mira, his daughter. As far as I know, and as far as they tell me, I am their only customer. The good thing about being an only customer is that good items get bought before you. They're always just there, waiting for you to but them. Mira and Togs live in a small room conected to the back of the shop. I have gone there before to play cards with Togs or tell stories to Mira. In their one-room home, Mira and Togs have a small pot, that little portable stove for camping, a small building bench or desk, and two beds made out from cardboard and cloth. Every now and then, my mom comes with me to the junk shop and pities them, so she gives them 5 dollars and buys a few stuff for the attic to give them a bit of business. I hope sometime around, when any readers, or you, go to America, you find their shop and give them a bit of business.