Hi! Aha! I guess you were downright curious about me. In fact, so curious you decided to follow my profile and go to my blog! Well, nice choice! I am an medium-height ten year old with brownish blonde hair and a passion for chocolate. I'm mostly like other boys my age. I like football. Except I play it, not watch it. I like Minecraft and GTA. I am addicted to chocolate, although my teeth are still fine because my mom doesn't let me buy it. Therefore I have to buy it myself. In the afternoon. While my mom is at work.  With my allowance. A Hershey's bar alone is 2 bucks. Hershey's and soda rocket up to make 5 bucks. My allowance every week is 10 cents! You can now see why my predicament is a horrid one. Now I don't have much to say, but I bet 5 bucks I could make my blog longer than Allie's. So here goes. I don't like girls. NO! That came out wrong. I like girls, but I don't like like them. Something like that. And I'm willing to bet 2 months allowance that they don't like me either. I'm a mess. Not a hot mess. Just a mess. My brownish blonde hair is always poking out, my clothes are ruffled and crumpled, and my room looks like its been hit by a tornado. But there IS a bright side. I'm Rank 2 in school. 3 in the whole batch. Is that a bit....weird? Thank the good lord my mom doesn't have a legal right in our house to enter my room and clean it up. She just asks me to clean it up. Our mom isn't allowed to enter my or Angela's room/s. It's a house rule. Made 4 years ago. If my mom cleaned my room up, she would see my secret stash of video games she doesn't know I bought. Those violent ones. Tekken, for example. That one is hidden in a stack of Martin Luther King books.


Ahh... Heaven in a wrapper!