Going to this page is a minor must. You see there are minor musts and major musts and never musts. For example, I _Am_Sachiel's blog is a never must. My blog is a major must. And this page is a minor must. Minor musts are things that matter but are not the most important. This page is a minor must because it is just a page with a bunch of things on this wikia.


It's really easy to get around this site, which is one reason we hope regular wikia people will visit. Why don't you go to the  Recently Changed Pages and scan them for interesting things? Or you can go to my page and look at my fllowed pages, if that is possible, because since I created this iste, I am following all of the pages.

Things To Do

One of the few good things about this site is that we have a lot of 'fun' pages for any interested readers. We have an Interesting Magazines page, Minecraft Seeds, Minecraft Monster Profiles, Recommendable Books, and Jokes for Starters. Don't worry; we'll be adding a new 'fun page' every week! Maybe even more than once!

This wikia is interesting! Although it is not like other wikias, which attract bloggers and fans almost instantly, this wikia is....special in its own way. Why don't you give it a try? You won't be sorry!