Okay, I admit it. The understatement of the century is that this wikia is attracting no one. We know what you guys are probably thinking: this wikia is a lousy, is low on graphics, is desperately trying to be entertaining, and is run by a ten year old, for Pete's sake! I know, I know. But please give it a try. You never know how something is really like until you try it! This statement is usually used when parents try to give their kids vegetables. But now I am using it a bit differently: on a wikia. This wikia is hard to find. It is not on Google, or on the list of running wikias, nor is it on the great wikias google search pop up list. The turth is, if you can find this site, you probably just got it by typing something random or going to the most unvisited wikias google pop up. I am not trying to be sarcastic or trying to collect pity points. I am merely trying to read your minds and be honest about what I think of this site, too. You can dare me to say this site sucks, and I would not hesitate. Because of the smiple fact that is sort of does. This page is called YOUR gonna help, because we want to ask a favor. A small one. Spread the word. It is that simple. Spread the word about our site. Please. We are doing all we can to make this wikia better, but no matter how hard we try, this wikia will not be better and will not be complete until it has at least ONE member. Make it an ant, for all I care. Make it a dog. A cat. A moose. Anything is really fine as long as we check in and see an account. Change the world, make it a better place...That song was by Michael Jackson, King of Pop. I'm trying to see if his song fits my situation. I think it does. The world is my wikia. You can change my wikia and make it a better place if you something. Please. Give us a chance.